13TH DECEMBER ~ A small selection of Christmas goodies are in the shop, a little limited this year as I moved in the middle of November and it's all been a bit chaotic! There is also a limited edition charity set available with ALL PROCEEDS going to The Red Foundation. A dachshund rehoming charity that is very close to my heart as that's is who gave us Charlie. :)


I will be suspending the IOSS service with effect from today. If you order from the EU your order will be sent DDUP which means you will pay VAT at your local rate and a handling fee upon arrival in your country. In the short space of time I have offered IOSS I have had three parcels returned and at least five customers double charged VAT and the handling fee on top. This is not acceptable. Not offering IOSS means I don't have to cover the cost of the expensive service so the postage rates are now cheaper and back in line with other European countries not in the EU.

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                              ~~~ GIFT CARDS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! ~~~