13th JULY ~ The ringOs Summer Limited Edition, A Slice of Watermelon, will be available in the shop TONIGHT from 8pm BST. :)


I am sorry to announce that from FRIDAY 25th JUNE, I will not be accepting orders from the EU. This is due to changes to EU VAT rules coming into force on 1st July 2021. At the moment the right solution for my business to collect and pay VAT to the EU is not clear. As I am located in the UK I cannot access the new IOSS portal without using an intermediary agency who charge very high fees which are not appropriate for my current volume of EU sales. Since Brexit I have seen EU sales drop by well over a third. Royal Mail are working on their own solution but this will not be functional until early July which is not ideal as the new changes come into place on 1st July! Rest assured my lovely EU customers, I will endeavour to find the right solution so that I don't have to send your orders Delivery Duty Unpaid leaving you open to long delays and unknown/expensive handling fees by your local postal service. I will update you all when I have more information. Thank you so much for all your custom, and I'll endeavour to rectify the situation ASAP! :D


A brand new regular colour way, ringOs Sweet Pea is now available in the ringOs section and Gummy Bears stitch markers are also now in the shop (Dangly Stitch Markers section) :)

                              ~~~ GIFT CARDS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! ~~~